In and Around Murchison

The Game Drive

The game drive is the center of the African wild safari. No safari is complete without one. We rise early, and at the crack of dawn will be out on the dirt track to catch the animals emerge from the thickets across the savannah. They will go down to the river to drink.

Early before the tropical sun comes out and the temperatures rise is the best time to see the big cats; the lions and the leopards.

We can take you out in the morning, or you can choose the afternoon. Either way, you get the half-day game drive. And, you can go out into Murchison Falls National Park to spend the day.

Take a Cruise Down the Nile

No safari in Murchison Falls National Park is complete without a cruise on the Nile. We’ll take a barge and sail on the Nile. Here, the roaring of the river as it crushes northwards mesmerizes. Murchison Falls is the narrowest point of the River Nile. The spectacular falls tumble through a gorge that is only seven meters wide, down a cliff, falling 45 meters to the bottom where the river roars northwards. The spray on your face is the most refreshing feeling, and the falls are a wonder to behold.

Bush Camping

After a day on the game trail, you will come home to a night in the wild! We provide an outdoor camping site, complete with your preferred style of accommodation. You might choose a comfortable sleeping bag, or a bunk bed, either of which are placed inside a safe and secure tent. At the camp site will be a bonfire around which guests will sit to watch the sparks fly in the night, while they regale each other with stories from the drive in the wild. The nights are quite starry with a clear sky overhead and a really low hanging moon that shines so bright. Often, the animals will be heard howling in the distance. Other nights, they do come quite close to the camp site, but not to worry. The safety of our guests is well taken care of.