Stay with us


Bwana Tembo is an eco-lodge. While it is not off-grid, it is powered by solar systems with beautiful, warm, soft lighting. Our guests can take luxurious, hot showers after the day’s dusty and hot wild life trail.

The animals are welcome. They do prowl the grounds during the night, and can be heard grazing on the lawn and chewing on the leaves and branches from the trees that dot the grounds.

Our Cottages

Made from eco-friendly building materials, our cottages provide a cozy and comfortable private space. Each of the six cottages can be arranged for double, single or twin occupancy, to suit our guests’ needs.

Overlooking the Nile, the verandah at each of the cottages is set with outdoor furniture for the guest’s fancy, serving your need for peace and quiet, anytime. The sunsets are especially breathtaking!

Safari Tents

All 4 safari tents are placed on the upper side of the Camp. They are mounted on a wooden platform, and raised off the ground. The grass thatch roof provides a natural cooling system from the tropical sun and keeps out the chill during the tropical rains. The tents can be prepared for single or double occupancy. The safari tents all have a deck at the front, great for that sundowner in the wild.


At the lodge, we take pride in serving simple yet exceptionally delicious Italian dishes. From the rich layers of our lasagna to the tender, handmade gnocchi and the delicate strands of tagliatelle, each dish embodies the essence of Italian comfort cuisine. Our commitment to quality ingredients and traditional preparation ensures a memorable dining experience that celebrates the timeless flavors of Italy.